New Website!

I’ve officially finished the new, re-vamped Solex website. As good as my old one was, it was not getting the search results I was wanting due to ajax.load(). According to many different posts across the internet using that method would not hinder crawlers from going through your site,

after keeping that site up for two years it’s still at the bottom of the search results. Another reason was the mobile version of the site to put it simply… sucked. For anyone looking for a dynamically loading site, do not use Jquery to load pages.

This new site uses a lot of tricks I’ve learned over the past two years. It is a fully customized wordpress theme, it has parralax scrolling on certain pictures as well as it automatically formats each video to fit your screen and dynamically adjusts the entire site so when you open Solex, the header video fits. The site was created using every coding language I specialize in and the form I use links directly to my own CRM I have hosted.

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